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Bar Caddy

Refreshment Centre

The perfect companion to your Fire Magic Built-in Barbecue. Constructed of 304 stainless steel with an attractive front panel, this sturdy Bar Caddy comes equipped with a bar towel, bottle opener, sliding storage drawer, twin stainless steel bottle sleeves and an installation hanger. A stainless steel cover tops the bar caddy.

Capacity for 30 pounds of ice. Includes bottle shelp, Sliding cover, bottle opener and drain kit.

Model No 3596A

RRP £1,199.00 inc VAT

Model No 1D-S0

RRP £783.00 inc VAT

Buffet Warming Accessory

Stainless Steel Sink

The Buffet Warming Accessory has 4 stainless steel covered containers to keep side dishes, soups, vegetables and bread warm until serving time.

Model No 23830-SW-CD

RRP £563.56 inc VAT

Model No.: 3587

RRP £132.00 inc VAT

Griddle Plate

Charcoal Basket

This griddle is designed exclusive for Fire Magic to fit a single or double sideburner as well as Echelon and Aurora grills. Cook eggs, bacon, sausage and fluffy pancakes in no time.

Cooking with wood chunks or charcoal is easier than ever with the Charcoal Basket Accessory. Basket sets on top of the burner and you use the gas burners to ignite the chunks or coals, and your charcoal fire is ready in minutes. The bottom tray catches ashes for easy clean-up.

Model No 3513A

RRP From £125.00 inc VAT

Model No 3562-2

RRP From £97.00 inc VAT

Tool Set


This four piece set includes a fork, spatula, knife and tongs. All tools are constructed on high quality stainless steel.

Model No 3575B

RRP £78.00 inc VAT

Those who love wok cooking will want this large, heavy-weight aluminium pan and lid. The hard-anodized stick-resistant lined interior surface measures a full 14" in diameter and has an ample depth of 5".

Model No 3572

RRP £167.00 inc VAT

Cutting Board

Cut and Clean Combo

Durable, attractive and functional, these Bamboo Cutting Boards are perfect for preparing meats and vegetables for grilling. 12" x 14"

Trash chute with cutting board – The ideal accessory for food preparation.

Model No 3582-1

RRP £23.00 inc VAT

Model No 53816

RRP £285.00 inc VAT


Chicken Holder

Model-No.: 53825-T

RRP £619.00 inc VAT

Enjoy a golden, succulent chicken the quick and easy way!

Model No 3617E

RRP £40.79 inc VAT

Turkey Holder

Rotisserie Basket

This sturdy holder is also perfect for beef, pork and lamb roasts.

Model No 3615E

RRP £80.58 inc VAT

This sturdy holder is also perfect for beef, pork and lamb roasts.

Model No 3618

RRP £37.73 inc VAT

Smoker Box

Grill Brush

Perfect for those who enjoy the added flavour of hickory, mesquite or other wood to your meats, the Fire Magic Smoker Box makes smoking easy. Adjustable vents allow you to control the amount of smoke flavour to provide just the right taste. (Woodchips not included.)

The brass bristles on Fire Magic's Grill Brush makes cleaning up fast and easy and quickly removes cooked-on debris so your grill is ready to cook when you are! Includes one replacement brush head. Replacement brush heads available.

Model No 3561

RRP £90.00 inc VAT

Model No 3576-1

RRP £20.75 inc VAT


A Wide range of Durable, attractive and functional Barbecue covers are also available for ALL Fire Magic Components (Please ask for more details)

From RRP £62.00 inc VAT

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